Volume 5 2022

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A transitional editorial about editorial transition
Leandro Rodriguez Medina & Vivette García Deister
Article: 2012959
Published online: 02 Feb 2022

The Editorial Team
Published online: 15 Mar 2022

The technology of need: technology of sustainability?
Alexis Mercado, Karenia Córdova & Hebe Vessuri
Article: 2041789
Published online: 27 Apr 2022

Literature Review

Social mobilizations and relations of power surrounding the entry of genetic engineered organisms
Marlene Gómez Becerra
Article: 2003010
Published online: 15 Mar 2022


Some elements of the regime of management of irrelevance in science
Fabrício Monteiro Neves
Article: 2035951
Published online: 11 Mar 2022

Health and school performance during home isolation at Institución Educativa Privada Prescott in Puno, Perú
Lee Fergusson, Javier Ortiz Cabrejos & Anna Bonshek
Article: 2003004
Published online: 15 Mar 2022

Technology and minority language: an Android-based dictionary development for the Lampung language maintenance in Indonesia
Farida Ariyani, Gede Eka Putrawan, Afif Rahman Riyanda, As. Rakhmad Idris, Lisa Misliani & Ryzal Perdana
Article: 2015088
Published online: 15 Mar 2022

Collaborating as peers or targeted by science diplomacy? The participation of Latin American researchers in the European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
Consuelo Uribe-Mallarino
Article: 2003282
Published online: 18 Mar 2022

Care during exceptional times: results of the CUIDAR study on the COVID-19 pandemic in Chile
Sebastián Rojas-Navarro, Francisco Moller-Domínguez, Samanta Alarcón-Arcos, María-Alejandra Energici & Nicolás Schöngut-Grollmus
Article: 2038858
Published online: 12 Apr 2022

The mirage of scientific productivity and how women are left behind: the Colombian case
Camilo López-Aguirre & Diana Farías
Article: 2037819
Published online: 27 Apr 2022

Thematic Cluster: The Politics of Data in Latin America: Towards a Terrestrial Internet

Coordinated campaigns on Twitter during the coronavirus health crisis in Mexico
C. A. Piña-García & A. Espinoza
Article: 2035935
Published online: 08 Apr 2022

Territories of data: ontological divergences in the growth of data infrastructure
Sebastián Lehuedé
Article: 2035936
Published online: 11 Apr 2022

A terrestrial Internet from the quilombos: the transatlantic evolution of baobab from colonial to digital capitalism
Shaozeng Zhang, Mariana Ribeiro Porto Araujo & Ana Carolina de Assis Nunes
Article: 2037818 
Published online: 12 May 2022

Finding one’s way in media and AI: metallurgy and mapping
A geology of media, by Jussi Parikka, Minneapolis, MN, University of Minnesota Press, 2015, Vol 46, 224 pp., $24.95 (paperback) ISBN: 978-0-8166-9552-2, $87.50 (cloth) ISBN 978-0-8166-9551-5Atlas of AI, by Kate Crawford, New Haven, CT, Yale University Press, 2021, 336 pp., $28.00 (hardcover), ISBN 9780300209570

Héctor Ricardo Hernández Galeano
Article: 1992959 (book review)
Published online: 11 Mar 2022