Volume 2 2019

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A geopolitics of bad English
Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Pages: 1-7
Published online: 30 Jan 2019

About the cover images for Volume 2
Luis Reyes-Galindo
Pages: 8-11
Published online: 04 Feb 2019

The Editorial Team
Pages: 12-14
Published online: 06 Feb 2019

Book Reviews

Two analyses of Richard Currier’s Unbound: how eight technologies made us human and brought our world to the brink
Montserrat Pérez-Castro & Robert Bates Graber
Published online: 21 May 2019


Latin American Replies to Lin and Law

Introduction: Welcome to South-South dialogues: an introduction to a collaborative project between East Asian Science, Technology and Society, and Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and Society
Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Pages: 15-19
Published online: 22 May 2019

Where are STS outside Euroamerica? The postcoloniality of the anthropic dimension and the anthropologic scope
Antonio Arellano-Hernández & Laura Maria Morales-Navarro
Pages: 20-25
Published online: 29 Apr 2019

Crises that mismatch canons in science: ¿provincialization, transnationality, conviviality?
Hebe Vessuri
Pages: 26-31
Published online: 16 May 2019

Discussing the symmetry principle: towards a realist dialogue inside global STS theory
Jorge Gibert Galassi
Pages: 32-41
Published online: 21 May 2019

Entangled Sciences of Gender, Sexuality, Race: Latin American Issues

Sandra Harding, Tania Pérez-Bustos & Manuela Fernández-Pinto
Pages: 335-339
Published online: 28 Nov 2019

Women in Latin American science: gender parity in the twenty-first century and prospects for a post-war Colombia
Camilo López-Aguirre
Published online: 02 Jul 2019
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The scientists of the IVIC in the evolution of science and technology policy during the Chávez administration in Venezuela
Damny Laya & Hebe Vessuri
Published online: 01 Jul 2019

The ambivalent regulator: the construction of a regulatory style for genetically modified crops in Chile
Maite P. Salazar, Daniel Valenzuela, Manuel Tironi & Rodrigo A. Gutiérrez
Published online: 21 Jun 2019

Does energy poverty have a female face in Chile?
Catalina Amigo-Jorquera, María José Guerrero-González, Jorgelina Sannazzaro & Anahí Urquiza-Gómez
Published online: 11 Jun 2019

Doubly disadvantaged: on the recruitment of diverse subjects for clinical trials in Latin America
Manuela Fernández Pinto
Published online: 22 May 2019

Funding of basic science in Mexico: the role of gender and research experience on success
Luis Humberto Fabila-Castillo
Pages: 340-355
Published online: 18 Oct 2019

Indigenous Knowledges and Technologies

The regulatory system and subjectivity in a Nahuat community. An invisibilized community regulatory density
Eliel Francisco Sánchez-Acevedo & Ma. Eugenia Sánchez-Díaz de Rivera
Published online: 07 Jun 2019

Internationalizing Science and Technology

Academic knowledge about indigenous peoples in the Americas: a comparative approach about the conditions of its international circulation
Claudia Salomon Tarquini
Published online: 22 May 2019

Clashing Environments and Environmentalisms in Latin America

Socio-environmental conflicts as social cohesion thermometers: a case study
Carina Llosa
Published online: 22 Mar 2019

What is ‘(un)Making’ STS Ethnographies? – Part 2

Of flesh and bone: emotional and affective ethnography of forensic anthropology practices amidst an armed conflict
María Fernanda Olarte-Sierra
Published online: 27 Feb 2019

Disentangling war and disease in post-conflict Colombia beyond technoscientific peacemaking
Lina Pinto García
Published online: 04 Feb 2019