Volume 1 2018

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Editorial welcome
Pages: 1-6
Published online: 29 Aug 2017

About the cover images (and a bit more)
Pages: 7-10
Published online: 09 Aug 2017

The Editorial Team
Pages: 11-13
Published online: 09 Aug 2017

Why “Tapuya?”
Raoni Rajão & Sandra Harding
Pages: 87-91
Published online: 21 Nov 2018

Call for Papers

Announcement: Calls for papers
Pages: 14-16
Published online: 18 Aug 2017

Original Articles

Latin American science, technology, and society: a historical and reflexive approach
Pablo Kreimer & Hebe Vessuri
Pages: 17-37
Published online: 06 Sep 2017

Doing and undoing Caribou/Atiku: diffractive and divergent multiplicities and their cosmopolitical orientations
Mario Blaser
Pages: 47-64
Published online: 24 Aug 2018

Can the subaltern save us?
Breny Mendoza
Pages: 109-122
Published online: 09 Jan 2019

Book Reviews

La medicina en expansión: Acercamientos a la medicalización en México, by Adriana Murguía Lores and Teresa Ordorika Sacristán
César Torres Cruz
Pages: 38-41
Published online: 07 Jun 2018

The multiplicities of maize
Jorge Quetzal Argueta Prado
Pages: 42-46
Published online: 14 Jun 2018

Latin American Science Fiction Studies: A New Era
Stephen C. Tobin
Pages: 65-69
Published online: 29 Aug 2018

Care to ask
Juan Felipe Guevara-Aristizabal
Pages: 84-86
Published online: 10 Oct 2018

The falling sky: words of a Yanomami shaman
Rodolfo Eduardo Scachetti & Renzo Taddei
Pages: 92-94
Published online: 02 Nov 2018

Two analyses of Marisol de la Cadena’s Earth beings: ecologies of practice across Andean worlds
Giovanna Micarelli & Helen Verran
Pages: 123-130
Published online: 20 Dec 2018

Literature Review Articles

Territorializando STS: an analysis of current discussions about agro-biotechnology governance in Latin America, Europe, and the USA
Nathalia Hernández Vidal
Pages: 70-83
Published online: 03 Oct 2018

The cyborg metaphor in Ibero-American science, technology and gender literature
Gabriela Elisa Sued
Pages: 95-108
Published online: 02 Nov 2018


Internationalizing Science and Technology

Introduction. Internationalizing science and technology: some introductory remarks
Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Pages: 216-218
Published online: 10 Jan 2019

Article: Fractured scientific subjectivities. International mobility as an option and obligation
César Guzmán Tovar
Pages: 219-237
Published online: 03 Jan 2019

Literature Review: The anti-dam movement in Brazil: expertise and design conflicts in an industrial transition movement
David J. Hess
Page: 256-279
Published online: 14 Dec 2018

Article: Science and technology internationalization and the emergence of peripheral techno-dreams: the Yachay project case
Henry Chavez & Jacqueline Gaybor
Page: 238-255
Published online: 02 Nov 2018

Article: Going South. How STS could think science in and with the South?
David Dumoulin Kervran, Mina Kleiche-Dray & Mathieu Quet
Pages: 280-305
Published online: 08 Jan 2019

What is ‘(un)Making’ STS Ethnographies?

Introduction: What is “(un)making” STS ethnographies? Reflections (not exclusively) from Latin America
Tania Pérez-Bustos, Santiago Martinez Medina & Fredy Mora-Gámez
Pages: 131-137
Published online: 02 Jan 2019

Article: Listening across borders: migration, dedications, and voice in cumbia sonidera
Alexandra Lippman
Pages: 201-215
Published online: 05 Nov 2018

Article: Selling the sociotechnical sublime: critical reflections on introducing STS to managers of a Chilean mining corporation
Sebastián Ureta
Pages: 138-152
Published online: 02 Nov 2018

Article: Ethnography and interdisciplinary work: experiences from the US and Brazil
Marko Monteiro
Pages: 153-169
Published online: 02 Nov 2018

Article: Archival labyrinth: words, things and bodies in epistemic formation
Amy Cox Hall
Pages: 170-185
Published online: 02 Nov 2018

Article: Wound-up worlds and The Wind-up Girl: on the anthropology of climate change and climate fiction
Casper Bruun Jensen
Pages: 186-200
Published online: 02 Nov 2018


Volume 1 Abstracts in Portuguese and Spanish
Pages: 306-318
Published online: 11 Jan 2019


Editorial Team – Reviewer Acknowledgements
Pages: 319-320
Published online: 30 Jan 2019