Volume 6 2023

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Critical contacts: making STS public amid Mexico’s forensic crisis
Vivette García Deister

On lowering guardrails
James Griesemer

About the covers for Volumes 5 & 6
Luis Reyes-Galindo

Research Article

Towards a posthumanistic knowledge production. Multimedia artistic research during the rise of neoliberalism in Mexico
Alberto López Cuenca

Rethinking governance through Samarco’s dam collapse in Brazil: a critique from the STS
Luciana Landgraf Castelo Branco

Baroque tools for climate action. What do we learn from a catalogue of local technologies?
Tomas Ariztia, Aline Bravo and Ignacio Nulñez

Book Review

Conocimientos, sociedades y tecnologías en América Latina: Viejos modelos y desencantos, nuevos horizontes y desafíos
Luciano Levin

Stevia: Conocimiento, propiedad intelectual y acumulación de capital
Cori Hayden

Thematic Cluster: InteractionsTurns in Knowledge Production

“Keep trying and you will keep finding”: social knowledge production regarding the use of medicinal plants in rural communities from Uruguay
Valentina Pereyra Ceretta & Juan Martin Dabezies