Volume 4 2021

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The paths towards institutionalization
Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Article: 1879466
Published online: 15 Feb 2021

About the cover illustration for Volume 4
Luis Reyes-Galindo
Article: 1875772
Published online: 18 Feb 2021

Hebe Vessuri endowed Chair in Latin American Science, Technology and Society: A Tapuya initiative
Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Article: 1875801
Published online: 15 Feb 2021

The Editorial Team
Article: 1876994
Published online: 15 Feb 2021


Centering Hispanic-Serving Institutions’ strategies to develop talent in computing fields
Anne-Marie Núñez, Jessica Rivera, Jennifer Valdez & Victoria Barbosa Olivo
Article: 1842582
Published online: 14 Jan 2021

Agroecological innovation constructing socionatural order for social transformation: two case studies in Brazil
Les Levidow, Davis Sansolo & Monica Schiavinatto
Article: 1843318
Published online: 22 Feb 2021

Digital Nomos and the new world order: towards a theological critique of Silicon Valley
Cristina Andrea Sereni
Article: 1843870
Published online: 15 Mar 2021

A multi-scale perspective for assessing publishing circuits in non-hegemonic countries
Fernanda Beigel
Article: 1845923
Published online: 08 Mar 2021

Gendered Innovations: integrating sex, gender, and intersectional analysis into science, health & medicine, engineering, and environment
Londa Schiebinger
Article: 1867420
Published online: 09 Mar 2021

Connective data: Markov chain models and the datafication of cervical cancer and HPV vaccination in Colombia
Oscar Javier Maldonado Castañeda
Article: 1874744
Published online: 26 Feb 2021

The problem of scientific policies in Central America (1980–2020): the tension between innovation and social cohesion in a global context
Ronny J. Viales-Hurtado, Ronald Sáenz-Leandro & Marco Garita-Mondragón
Article: 1876314
Published online: 21 Apr 2021

Recognizing inequalities, transforming structures: design and implementation of a care policy at the University of the Republic, Uruguay
Maria Goñi Mazzitelli
Article: e1926643
Published online: 20 Jul 2021

Rethinking sustainable development by following Indigenous approaches to community wellbeing
Marisol Campos Navarrete & Asaf Zohar
Article: 1946315
Published online: 16 Aug 2021

Evolution of the public understanding of science field based on a bibliometric analysis of two major journals
Luciano Levin & Daniela De Filippo
Article: 1954381
Published online: 04 Oct 2021

Doing odontograms and dentists in the classroom. Materiality and affect in dental education
Jorge Alexander Daza-Cardona, Juliana Vargas-Ramírez & María Alejandra Guapacha-Sánchez
Article: 1968635
Published online: 25 Oct 2021

Immunology research in Latin American countries: a bibliometric analysis of scientific productivity and collaboration covering the period 2000–2017
Luis Humberto Fabila-Castillo, Ruy Fabila-Monroy & Ana Alejandra Morales-Rodríguez
Article: 1973289
Published online: 02 Nov 2021

On the geopolitics of academic publishing: the mislocated centers of scholarly communication
Franciszek Krawczyk & Emanuel Kulczycki
Article: 1984641
Published online: 29 Nov 2021

Tláloc: atmospheric knowledge and political epistemology in ancient Mexico
Antonio Arellano-Hernández & Leon Arellano-Lechuga
Article: 1992957
Published online: 03 Dec 2021

Book reviews

Black peasants and forest extraction knowledge in the transition to free labor in Latin America
Landscapes of freedom: building a post emancipation society in the rainforest of Western Colombia, by Claudia Leal, Tucson, University of Arizona Press, 2018, 352 pp., $55 (hardback)/$36.95 (paperback), ISBN 9780816536740/9780816536740; The people of the river. Nature and identity in Black Amazonia, 1835–1945, by Oscar de la Torre, Chapel Hill, The University of North Carolina Press, 2018, 242 pp., $90 (hardback)/$34.95 (paperback), ISBN 9781469643236/9781469643243

Reinaldo Funes-Monzote
Article: 1848122
Published online: 17 Mar 2021

Tecnopolíticas da vigilância: perspectivas da margem
by Fernanda Bruno, Bruno Cardoso, Marta Kanashiro, Luciana Guilhon and Lucas Melgaço, São Paulo, Boitempo, 2018, 427 pages, (R$)44.00 (paperback), ISBN 978-85-7559-662-3

Daniela Albini Pinheiro
Article: 1889772
Published online: 01 Apr 2021

Modernity at gunpoint: firearms, politics, and culture in Mexico and Central America. Illuminations: cultural formations of the Americas series by Sophie Esch, Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press, 2018, USD$23.22 (paperback), USD$15.63 (Kindle), ISBN-13: 9780822965381
Alexis De Greiff A.
Article: 1900642
Published online: 17 May 2021

Intercultural communication and science and technology studies edited by L. I. Reyes-Galindo and T. R. Duarte, New York, Palgrave-Macmillan, 2017, 238 pp., USD$199.99 (hbk), ISBN: 978-3-319-58364-8
Alberto Matenhauer Urbinatti
Article: 1907906
Published online: 23 Apr 2021

Geopolitics, culture, and the scientific imaginary in Latin America edited by María del Pilar Blanco and Joanna Page, University of Florida Press, Gainesville, 2020, 352 pp., $95.00 (hardback), ISBN 13: 9781683401483
Marco P. Vianna Franco
Article: 1919417
Published online: 29 Jun 2021

Con los pies en el surco. Instituciones estatales y actores de la ciencia agropecuaria en La Pampa (1958–1983) by Federico Martocci, Buenos Aires, Prometeo, 2020, 280 pages, US$ 14 (hardback), ISBN 978-987-8331-77-5
Florencia Rodríguez Vázquez
Article: 1930364
Published online: 20 Jul 2021

Science & Society in Latin America. Peripheral Modernities by Pablo Kreimer, New York and Abingdon, Routledge, 2019, 270 pages, US $48.95 (paperback), ISBN 978-0-367-21803-4
Alexis De Greiff A.
Article: e1963399
Published online: 03 Sep 2021

Planetary Mine: Territories of Extraction under Late Capitalism by Martín Arboleda, Brooklyn, Verso Books, 2020, $29.95 (paperback), ISBN 9781788732963
N. Bucky Stanton
Article: 1968636
Published online: 24 Sep 2021

La lucha por los comunes y las alternativas al desarrollo frente al extractivismo: miradas desde las ecología(s) política. Eedited by Denisse Roca-Servat and Jenni Perdomo-Sánchez, with C. Toro, R. Gutiérrez, S. Rátiva, C. Porto-Gonçalves, M. Cely, V. Cifuentes, V. González, A. García, D. López, J. Arias, J. Arias-Henao, M. Botero-Mesa, A. Camargo, K. Furlong, C. Patiño, Y. Pérez, E. Restrepo, C. Romero, P. Zuluaga, A. Noguera, C. Montoya, G. Valencia, L. Saldi, Y. González, A. Jiménez, M. Villada, O. Osorio, Comps, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, CLACSO, 2020, 424 pages, ISBN 978-987-722-813-7.
Érika Meneses-Granados
Article: 1968637
Published online: 01 Oct 2021

Estado y planificación en el lejano sur. Agencias y funcionarios de la Argentina peronista (1944–1955 [State and planning in the far south. Agencies and officials in Peronist Argentina (1944–1955)] by Hernán González Bollo and Diego Ezequiel Pereyra, Bernal, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, 2020, 290 pages, $500 (Argentine peso) (EPUB), ISBN 978-987-558-692-5
Federico Martocci
Article: 1968638
Published online: 17 Sep 2021

3 books + 1. Jungle laboratories: Mexican peasants, national projects, and the making of the pill, by Gabriel Soto Laveaga, Durham, NC, Duke University Press, 2009, 352 pp., $104.95 (hardback), 28.95 (paperback) ISBN: 978-0-8223-4605-0, Cloth ISBN: 978-0-8223-4587-9 The experiential Caribbean: creating knowledge and healing in the early modern Atlantic, by Pablo F. Gómez, Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2017, 314 pp., $29.95 (paperback), ISBN: 978-1-4696-3087-8, $90.00 (hardcover), ISBN: 978-1-4696-3086-1, $19.99 (eBook) ISBN: 978-1-4696-3088-5 Fascist pigs: technoscientific organisms and the history of fascism, by Tiago Saraiva, 2018, Print, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 344 pp., $50.00 (hardcover), ISBN 9780262035033; $19.95 (paperback), ISBN: 9780262536158 El Instituto Médico Nacional: La política de las plantas y los laboratorios a fines del siglo XIX, by Nina Hinke and Laura Cházaro, México, DF, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados, 2012, 228 pp., $19.00 (paperback), ISBN: 978-607-02-2603-8
Irina Podgorny
Article: e1973292
Published online: 03 Dec 2021

A Brazilian pharmacography. Health, disease and scientific experimentation in biopolitical economies
by Rosana Castro, São Paulo, Hucitec, 2020, 376 pages, $77.90 (paperback), ISBN 9786586039351
Jonatan Sacramento & Maria Conceição da Costa

Article: 1989144
Published online: 29 Nov 2021

Mujeres de la comunicacion: a fundamental book in the discipline. Mujeres de la Comunicación, edited by Clemencia Rodríguez, Claudia Magallanes-Blanco, Amparo Marroquín-Parducci, and Omar Rincón, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bogotá, 2021. ISBN 978-958-8677-45-3. Available: http://library.fes.de/pdf-files/bueros/la-comunicacion/17702.pdf
Antonieta Mercado
Article: 1999164
Published online: 30 Nov 2021

Book symposium

Regeneration of life in the age of capitalism. Other tracks in the native forests of central and southern Chile by Juan Carlos Skewes, Santiago, Chile, Ocho Libros Editores, 2019, 268 pp., US$ 30, (paperback), ISBN 978-956-335-510-9
Tomás Undurraga, Wladimir Riquelme, Rodolfo Quiroz, Francisca Márquez & Juan Carlos Skewes
Article: 1850056
Published online: 05 Mar 2021

Review article

Digital activism and the state. Media movements: civil society and media policy reform in Latin America, by María Soledad Segura and Silvio Waisbord, London, Zed, 2016, 224 pp., £70.00, (hardback), ISBN 9781783604630, £19.99, (paperback), ISBN 9781783604623, £19.99, (ebook), ISBN 9781783604654; Hybrid media activism: ecologies, imaginaries, algorithms, by Emiliano Treré, Abingdon, Routledge, 2018, 222 pp., £115, (hardback), ISBN 9781138218147, £22.50, (ebook), ISBN 9781315438177; Social media and politics in Africa: democracy, censorship and security, edited by Maggie Dwyer and Thomas Molony, London, Zed Books, 2019, 312 pp., £70.00, (hardback), ISBN 9781786994981, £19.99, (paperback), ISBN 9781786994974, £19.99, (ebook), ISBN 9781786995001; Digital media and the politics of transformation in the Arab world and Asia, edited by Carola Richter, Anna Antonakis and Cilja Harders, Wiesbaden, Springer, 2018, 195 pp., £39.99, (pbk), ISBN 9783658206994, £31.99, (ebook), ISBN 9783658207007
Thomas O’Brien
Article: 1973291
Published online: 25 Oct 2021

Thematic Cluster: Ends in Other Terms

Ends in other terms: an introduction
Manuel Tironi, Marcelo González-Gálvez & Marisol de la Cadena
Article: 2003051
Published online: 06 Dec 2021

Counter-apocalyptic beginnings: cosmoecology for the End of The World
Martin Savransky
Article: 1914423
Published online: 14 Jul 2021

Bude uncommon: extractivist endings and the unthinkable politics of conservation in Lafkenche territory
Manuel Tironi, Denisse Vega & Juan Roa Antileo
Article: 1984639
Published online: 29 Nov 2021

Pronouns for an apocalyptic future: asymmetrical terms for a new era
Juno Salazar Parreñas
Article: 1989849
Published online: 23 Nov 2021

Worlding the end: A story of colonial and scientific anxieties over beavers’ vitalities in the Castorcene
Mara Dicenta & Gonzalo Correa
Article: 1973290
Published online: 20 Oct 2021

Endangered Salares: micro-disasters in Northern Chile
Cristóbal Bonelli & Cristina Dorador
Article: 1968634
Published online: 07 Oct 2021

Unfinished extinction and the velocities of capitalist sacrifices in the woodlands of central Chile
Marcelo González Gálvez et al.
Article: 1939491
Published online: 12 Aug 2021

Thematic Cluster: Justifying Gender

Doing postcolonial gender: an approach to justifying rights, resources, and recognition
Siri Lamoureaux & Richard Rottenburg
Article: 1984040
Published online: 16 Nov 2021

Curating consent: sexual violence, moral politics and gendered agency in Sudan
Siri Lamoureaux
Article: 1989859
Published online: 15 Nov 2021

Gender and climate change as new development tropes of vulnerability for the Global South: essentializing gender discourses in Maasailand, Tanzania
Sara de Wit
Article: 1984638
Published online: 08 Nov 2021

Biometric payment and gendered kinds in Ghana
Alena Thiel
Article: 1924486
Published online: 23 Jul 2021

Skewing the nation: mobilizing queer citizenship in South Africa
Ernst van der Wal
Article: 1923935
Published online: 14 Jul 2021

“Security begins with you”: compulsory heterosexuality, registers of gender and sexuality, and transgender women getting by in Kampala, Uganda
Austin Bryan
Article: 1984640
Published online: 22 Nov 2021


Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Article: 2007722
Published online: 01 Dec 2021

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