Volume 3 2020

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On urgency and importance
Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Pages: 1-3
Published online: 23 Jan 2020

Science is a war zone: some comments on Brazil
Marko Monteiro
Pages: 4-8
Published online: 31 Jan 2020

About the cover illustration for Volume 3
Luis Reyes-Galindo
Pages: 9-14
Published online: 05 Feb 2020

The Editorial Team
Pages: 15-21
Published online: 02 Mar 2020

Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Page: 551
Published online: 14 Dec 2020

Original Articles

Double-edged knife: practices and perceptions of technology and digital security among Mexican journalists in violent contexts
Rubén Arnoldo González & Frida V. Rodelo
Pages: 22-42
Published online: 20 Apr 2020

Appropriations, conflicts and subversions: the social construction of the Brazilian Forest Code
Raoni Rajão, Ely Bergo de Carvalho & Frank Merry
Pages: 43-62
Published online: 24 Jun 2020

Not inconceivable: knowledge-production, the arts, and the pre-history of a Puerto Rican artist, 1934–1882
Chon A. Noriega
Pages: 63-91
Published online: 16 Jun 2020

Southern theories in Northern circulation: analyzing the translation of Latin American dependency theories into German
Clara Ruvituso
Pages: 92-106
Published online: 06 Aug 2020

Researching public policy in the making: the Ecuadorian Law of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
María Belén Albornoz & Isarelis Pérez Ones
Pages: 107-124
Published online: 10 Sep 2020

Book reviews

A historical perspective of Brazilian philosophy
História da Filosofia do Brasil: O Período Colonial (1500–1822), by Paulo Roberto Margutti Pinto, São Paulo, SP, Edições Loyola, 2013, 90 pp., $46 (paperback), ISBN 978-85-15-03993-7 Filosofia no Brasil: Legados e Perspectivas – Ensaios Filosóficos, by Ivan Domingues, São Paulo, SP, Editora Unesp, 2017, 40 pp., $64 (paperback), ISBN 978-85-393-0667-1 Uma perspectiva histórica da filosofia brasileira Una perspectiva histórica de la filosofía brasileña

Gustavo Rodrigues Rocha
Pages: 125-137
Published online: 11 Feb 2020

A portrait of assisted reproduction in Mexico: scientific, political and cultural interactions
by Sandra González-Santos, Cham, Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, 301 pp., €72,79 (hardback)/€58,84 (ebook), ISBN 978-3-030-23040-1

Abril Saldaña-Tejeda
Pages: 138-139
Published online: 31 Jan 2020

Una historia de la verdad en Occidente. Ciencia, arte, religión y política en la conformación de la cosmología moderna
[A history of truth in the west. Science, art, religion and politics in the construction of modern cosmology], by Mauricio Nieto Olarte, Bogota, Universidad de los Andes Colombia/Facultad de Ciencias Sociales- Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2019, 589 pp., 70.000 colombian pesos (paperback), ISBN 978-958-8249-48-3

Hebe Vessuri
Pages: 140-144
Published online: 03 Mar 2020

The allure of technology into the “utopia” of the Smart City
The Smart Enough City, by Ben Green, Cambridge, MA, MIT Press, 2020, 240 pp., $15.30 (USD) (paperback), ISBN-10: 0262538962/ISBN-13: 978-0262538961 Cities and the Digital Revolution, by Zaheer Allam, Cham, Palgrave Pivot, 2020, 132 pp., $34.12 (USD) (hardcover), ISBN-10: 3030297993/ISBN-13: 978-3030297992

Naiki Guadalupe Olivas Gaspar
Pages: 145-148
Published online: 20 Jul 2020

Americanity as a concept, Asia as method: on historicizing Cold War technopolitics
Itineraries of expertise: science, technology, and the environment in Latin America’s long Cold War, edited by Andra Chastain and Timothy Lorek, University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, 2020, 366 pp., US$ 40.00 (paperback), ISBN-13: 9780822945963 Engineering Asia: technology, colonial development and the Cold War order, edited by Hiromi Mizuno, Aaron S. Moore, and John DiMoia, Bloomsbury Academic, London, 2018, 272 pp., US$ 39.95 (paperback), ISBN-13: 9781350150676

Fabio Miranda
Pages: 149-160
Published online: 07 Aug 2020

World exhibitions: new contributions and research agendas
Latin America at Fin-de-Siecle Universal Exhibitions: Modern Cultures of Visuality, by Alejandra Uslenghi, New York, Palgrave Mcmillan, 2016, US$82.83 (hardback). “The Spanish Element in Our Nationality”: Spain and America at the World’s Fairs and Centennial Celebrations, 1876 to 1915, by Elisabeth M. Boone, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State University Press, 2019, US$93.05 (hardback). A Taste of Progress: Food at International and World Exhibitions in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, edited by Nelleke Teughels and Peter Scholliers, London/New York, Routledge, 2016, US$104.01 (hardback). Women in International and Universal Exhibitions, 1876–1937, edited by Myriam Boussahba-Bravard and Rebecca Rogers, London/New York, Routledge, 2017, US$119.58 (hardback).

Paula Bruno
Pages: 161-164
Published online: 10 Jul 2020

Book Review Essay

Book review essay on Nell Haynes, Social Media in Northern Chile and Juliano Spyer, Social Media in Emergent Brazil
Social media in Northern Chile: posting the extraordinarily ordinary, 1st ed., by Nell Haynes, London, UCL Press, 2016, 230 pp., £35.00 (hardback)/£15.00 (paperback), ISBN 9781910634592. Open Access £0.00. Social media in emergent Brazil: how the internet affects social mobility, 1st ed., by Juliano Spyer, London, UCL Press, 2017, 258 pp., £35.00 (hardback)/£15.00 (paperback), ISBN 9781787351653. Open Access £0.00.

Andrea Alarcon
Pages: 165-169
Published online: 24 Jul 2020

Literature Review Article

Argentinean agribusiness and the porous agricultural company
Diego Silva Garzón
Pages: 170-189
Published online: 18 Jun 2020

Review Article

Seminar Review: I Seminário Internacional Remoto – Experiences in Digital Humanities from the Global South
13 May 2020, Network Laboratory of Digital Humanities of the Brazilian Institute of Information in Science and Technology online seminar

Marina Fontolan
Pages: 190-191
Published online: 21 Aug 2020

A genealogical explication on the emergence and constructions of STS: a view from East Asia
Daiwie Fu
Pages: 192-204
Published online: 06 Aug 2020


Straight outta the tropics: pathological features of techno-scientific promises in neglected tropical disease research
Hugo Ferpozzi
Pages: 205-226
Published online: 19 Nov 2020

Public participation and democratization: effects on the production and consumption of science and technology
Noela Invernizzi
Pages: 227-253
Published online: 23 Nov 2020

Book Reviews

Review to science, technology, and society in Latin America. The look of new generations
Ciencia, tecnología y sociedad en América Latina. La mirada de las nuevas generaciones, compiled by Rosalba Casas and Tania Pérez-Bustos, Buenos Aires, Colegio Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales (CLACSO), 2019, 415pp, (e-book), ISBN 978-987-722-426-9

Edgar M. Góngora Jaramillo
Pages: 254-256
Published online: 23 Nov 2020

Abordagens em Ciência, Tecnologia e Sociedade
edited by Cristina Campos, Maria Gabriela S. M. C. Marinho, Marko Monteiro, Rafael de Brito Dias and Sérgio Amadeu da Silveira, Santo André: Universidade Federal do ABC, 2015, pp. 292, (R$)48.00 (paperback), ISBN 978-85-65212-40-3

Marina Fontolan
Pages: 257-258
Published online: 23 Nov 2020

Thematic Cluster: Reflections of Covid-19

Introduction: Thinking about COVID-19
Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Pages: 259-260
Published online: 20 Nov 2020

The theatre of operations and the war against SARS-Cov2 and COVID-19
Alexis De Greiff A.
Pages: 261-271
Published online: 18 Nov 2020

COVID-19 surprised us and empowered technology to be its own master
Habib Hamam
Pages: 272-281
Published online: 18 Nov 2020

COVID-19 Tapuya Reflection
Raquel Velho
Published online: 14 Jul 2020

Advising and controling: science communication at a crossroads
Luciano Levin
Published online: 13 Jul 2020

Covid-19 pandemic, enforced isolation and the PhD training
Léa Velho
Published online: 09 Jun 2020

Ignoring scientific advice during the Covid-19 pandemic: Bolsonaro’s actions and discourse
Tiago Ribeiro Duarte
Published online: 08 Jun 2020


Cross-Border Healthcare: The Interaction between Countries, Cities, and Cultures in Healthcare

Introduction: Cross-border reproductive healthcare
Sandra P. González-Santos
Pages: 292-302
Published online: 01 Dec 2020

Ordinary ethics. Examining ethical work in the Argentine fertility clinic
Lucía Ariza
Pages: 303-321
Published online: 25 Nov 2020

Offer, consumption and freedom of information in the context of assisted reproduction in the digital age: problematizing contractual guiding principles
Eliane Portes Vargas & Luciane da Costa Moás
Pages: 322-337
Published online: 23 Nov 2020

Assisted reproduction: Brazilian heterosexual couples’ testimonies on the care of specialists
Marlene Tamanini
Pages: 338-353
Published online: 16 Oct 2020

On (global) care chains in times of crisis: egg donation and domestic work in Spain
Sara Lafuente-Funes & Amaia Pérez Orozco
Pages: 354-376
Published online: 07 Oct 2020

“I did everything humanly possible”: the process of making reproductive decisions in the context of assisted reproduction in Chile
Florencia Herrera
Pages: 377-395
Published online: 01 Sep 2020

Selecting women, taming bodies? Body ontologies in egg donation practices in Spain
Anna Molas & Laura Perler
Pages: 396-414
Published online: 29 Jul 2020

Medical training as a transformative experience: an analysis of doctorhood to question the professional identity formation paradigm
Marcia Villanueva
Pages: 415-434
Published online: 04 Jun 2020

The Gray Zones of Innovation. The Illegal and the Informal in the Marginal Worlds

Introduction: The gray zones of innovation: the illegal and the informal in marginal worlds
Óscar Moreno-Martínez & Javier Guerrero-Castro
Pages: 435-440
Published online: 03 Dec 2020

Contesting informality through innovation “from below”: epistemic and political challenges in a waste pickers cooperative from Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Sebastián Carenzo
Pages: 441-471
Published online: 08 Sep 2020

Artefacto Explosivo Improvisado: landmines and rebel expertise in Colombian warfare
Diana Pardo Pedraza
Pages: 472-492
Published online: 03 Sep 2020

Goffman and the Mafia: shaping YouTube’s technological affordances in the war on drugs
Alin Ake-Kob
Pages: 493-511
Published online: 13 Jul 2020

Microsoft’s drug dealer: digital disruption and a corporate conversion of informal improvisation
Jason Bartholomew Scott
Pages: 512-527
Published online: 05 May 2020

Proximal design in South African informal settlements: users as designers and the construction of the built environment and its fire risks
Graham Spinardi, S.J. Cooper-Knock & David Rush
Pages: 528-550
Published online: 03 Dec 2020