Volume 3 2020

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On urgency and importance
Leandro Rodriguez Medina
Pages: 1-3
Published online: 23 Jan 2020

Science is a war zone: some comments on Brazil
Marko Monteiro
Pages: 4-8
Published online: 31 Jan 2020

About the cover illustration for Volume 3
Luis Reyes-Galindo
Pages: 9-14
Published online: 05 Feb 2020

The Editorial Team
Pages: 15-21
Published online: 02 Mar 2020

Thematic Cluster: Reflections of Covid-19

COVID-19 Tapuya Reflection
Raquel Velho
Published online: 14 Jul 2020

Advising and controling: science communication at a crossroads
Luciano Levin
Published online: 13 Jul 2020

Covid-19 pandemic, enforced isolation and the PhD training
Léa Velho
Published online: 09 Jun 2020

Ignoring scientific advice during the Covid-19 pandemic: Bolsonaro’s actions and discourse
Tiago Ribeiro Duarte
Published online: 08 Jun 2020

Book reviews

Book review essay on Nell Haynes, Social Media in Northern Chile and Juliano Spyer, Social Media in Emergent Brazil
Andrea Alarcon
Published online: 24 Jul 2020

The allure of technology into the “utopia” of the Smart City
Naiki Guadalupe Olivas Gaspar
Published online: 20 Jul 2020

World exhibitions: new contributions and research agendas
Paula Bruno
Published online: 10 Jul 2020

Una historia de la verdad en Occidente. Ciencia, arte, religión y política en la conformación de la cosmología moderna
Hebe Vessuri
Published online: 03 Mar 2020

A historical perspective of Brazilian philosophy
Gustavo Rodrigues Rocha
Published online: 11 Feb 2020

A portrait of assisted reproduction in Mexico: scientific, political and cultural interactions
Abril Saldaña-Tejeda
Published online: 31 Jan 2020

Literature Review

Argentinean agribusiness and the porous agricultural company
Diego Silva Garzón
Published online: 18 Jun 2020

Original Articles

A genealogical explication on the emergence and constructions of STS: a view from East Asia
Daiwie Fu
Published online: 06 Aug 2020

Southern theories in Northern circulation: analyzing the translation of Latin American dependency theories into German
Clara Ruvituso
Published online: 06 Aug 2020

Not inconceivable: knowledge-production, the arts, and the pre-history of a Puerto Rican artist, 1934–1882
Chon A. Noriega
Published online: 16 Jun 2020

Double-edged knife: practices and perceptions of technology and digital security among Mexican journalists in violent contexts
Rubén Arnoldo González & Frida V. Rodelo
Published online: 20 Apr 2020


Clashing Environments and Environmentalisms in Latin America

Appropriations, conflicts and subversions: the social construction of the Brazilian Forest Code
Raoni Rajão , Ely Bergo de Carvalho & Frank Merry
Published online: 24 Jun 2020

Cross-Border Healthcare: The Interaction between Countries, Cities, and Cultures in Healthcare

Selecting women, taming bodies? Body ontologies in egg donation practices in Spain
Anna Molas & Laura Perler
Published online: 29 Jul 2020

Medical training as a transformative experience: an analysis of doctorhood to question the professional identity formation paradigm
Marcia Villanueva
Published online: 04 Jun 2020

The Grey Zones of Innovation. The Illegal and the Informal in the Marginal Worlds

Goffman and the Mafia: shaping YouTube’s technological affordances in the war on drugs
Alin Ake-Kob
Published online: 13 Jul 2020

Microsoft’s drug dealer: digital disruption and a corporate conversion of informal improvization
Jason Bartholomew Scott
Published online: 05 May 2020