Podcast: Everything Is Alive


Frequency: Twice a month

Average length: 30 minutes

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another podcast quite like Everything Is Alive. Its host, NPR veteran Ian Chillag, spends each episode interviewing a different inanimate object about, well, many of the things he’d ask any living, breathing person. The objects answer as genuinely as they possibly can, which sometimes makes you laugh, cry, or have a ridiculous fight with your partner about whether Russian dolls have feelings. At the end of each episode, I always find myself left with a newfound respect for the things in my life that I’d otherwise take for granted. If you need a refresher on why being alive is incredible, look no further.

Data Then and Now: Luis Reyes-Galindo

As part of the eScience Institute’s Data Then and Now seminar series, Luis Reyes Galindo (Cardiff University) presents a lecture called “Outsider interpretations of open scientific data and their impact on policy.”

Recorded May 6th, 2020.