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New York. March 5-7, 2020

Electrifying Music: The Life and Legacy of Robert Moog
March 6 to October 16, 2020
Hirshland Exhibition Gallery, Level 2B, Carl A. Kroch Library

Drawing from Cornell’s rich archive of materials that traces Moog’s lifelong fascination with electricity and its musical possibilities, this exhibition features instrument prototypes, design schematics, photographs, correspondence, and audio recordings. It also provides viewers with an opportunity to play a theremin and Minimoog supplied by Moog Music Inc. Continue reading

Workshop: Fostering Historical Research in CSCW&HCI

Austin. November 9-13, 2019

This day-long workshop aims to support and grow the community of CSCW and HCI scholars that investigate the past to inform the design, critique and conceptualization of technology. At this workshop, we will learn from examples of historically-based CSCW and HCI work, explore issues in historical method that come up in such work, share methods and techniques, provide feedback and support to ongoing investigations; and define a shared agenda for future research on this topic. The workshop will also highlight research and methods that focus on non-Western contexts and that give voice to historically marginalized groups. Based on the workshop, we will develop a white paper and a website that will collect resources to support CSCW based historical investigations. Continue reading

Workshop: Populism, Law and Technology

Budapest. September 16, 2019

The Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine at CEU is organizing a small, 1-day workshop on the topic of Populism, Law and Technology.

The workshop will take place on the 16th of September 2019 at Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.

Here’s a brief blurb about the event’s topic:

Hyper-targeted misinformation, election manipulation and pervasive surveillance are just some of the new tools afforded to overt and covert political actors by powerful technological advances. In the wake of scandals related to the potential of such methods to undermine trust, create societal polarisation and challenge democratic processes, there is an urgent need to align the development and application of these technologies with fundamental rights and norms. We ask: In what ways do innovations in areas like artificial intelligence and machine learning support populist tendencies, and what protective mechanisms are available to subvert such developments? Continue reading

1ER SIMPOSIO DE DIVULGACIÓN DE LA CIENCIA: Con la mirada puesta en grupos vulnerables.

events_2019 simposio ciencia vulnerables

Mexico City. November 4-7, 2019

La Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México, la Sociedad Mexicana para la Divulgación de la Ciencia y la Técnica, A.C. (SOMEDICYT), la Sociedad Mexicana de Física (SMF) y el Instituto de Astronomía de la UNAM (IAUNAM) CONVOCAN a divulgadores, comunicadores de la ciencia, periodistas de la ciencia, científicos, gestores, tomadores de decisiones, profesores, estudiantes, talleristas y asociaciones civiles, a participar en el 1ER SIMPOSIO DE DIVULGACIÓN DE LA CIENCIA: Con la mirada puesta en grupos vulnerables. Continue reading