The Discard Studies Conference: Exploring Disposal’s Past, Present, and Future

New York. April 23-25, 2020

Hosted by NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with support from the Center for Humanities.

With a keynote address by Brenda Chalfin (Florida), plenary address by Max Liboiron (Memorial University), and a Albert Gallatin lecture and exhibition of the work of Mierle Laderman Ukeles.

Organized by Rosalind Fredericks (NYU), Mohammed Rafi Arefin (NYU), and Robin Nagle (NYU). Continue reading

IV ISA Forum of Sociology

conferences_ISA Forum Sociology 2020

Porto Alegre. July 14-18, 2020

Challenges of the 21st Century:
Democracy, Environment, Inequalities, Intersectionality

Twenty years after the start of our century, the optimism of the Millennium has faded and the challenges we face for living together on a limited planet are even more urgent.

While the expansion and the deepening of democratization was taken for granted at the turn of the Millennium, democracy has been at stake in an increasing number of countries, while its key component such as diversity and equal respect for all citizens are threatened. The hope for a global democracy able to tackle global issues such as climate change, migrations and rising inequalities have faded. It has now become clear that to face global challenges, democracy needs to be re-invented within and beyond the representative system. Continue reading

Tercer Congreso Argentino de Estudios Sociales de la Ciencia y la Teconología (CAESCyT)


Mar del Plata. November 13-15, 2019

1) Introducción

Los estudios sociales de la ciencia y la tecnología se han desarrollado como campo de conocimientos en la Argentina hasta alcanzar, en los últimos años, una significativa densidad de practicantes, una amplitud considerable de temas de estudio, la consolidación institucional de sus actividades que se expresa en la regular publicación de revistas del campo, la existencia de postgrados especializados, el desarrollo de proyectos investigación y la emergencia de grupos, centros e institutos de investigación de actividad continua a lo largo de todo el país. Continue reading

VII CTS – Chile Meeting


Santiago de Chile. January 15-17, 2020

Deadline: June 21 2019

Updated: April 28 2019
We invite you to the VII CTS-Chile Meeting.

Applications for open panels and closed panels, and for workshops and other activities, are open from April 8 to June 21. The organizers will be notified on July 5, the day on which the abstract submission period will open.

Desastres ecológicos a escala planetaria. Fragmentación socioterritorial por modelos de desarrollismo extractivista. Proliferación de tecnologías de vigilancia, normalización y control. El avance de las ‘fake news’ como modo de gobierno. Violencia sistemática contra pueblos originarios y comunidades locales. La instalación e intersección de varias formas de discriminación por género, raza y clase. Vivimos en tiempos catastróficos que nos interpelan como comunidad CTS. La pregunta crucial, como algunos y algunas han insistido, ya no es cómo los estudios CTS pueden investigar estos fenómenos, sino hasta qué punto pueden y deben intervenir en ellos. Continue reading

3rd International AGORAS Conference Governing risks beyond the “here” and “now” Gouverner les risques par-delà le temps et les frontières


Nantes. October 23-25, 2019


Following the 1st 2017 symposium and the 2nd international Conference “Lessons learned: Studying learning devices and processes in relation to technological accidents” organized in December 2018, this 3rd AGORAS Conference is intended above all to be a forum for exchange and dialogue between actors from the academic, industrial, institutional and political worlds, with different disciplines and affiliations, who are interested in risk governance, not limited to nuclear risks. It aims to enrich current reflections and efforts to improve risk governance practices through a hybridization of points of view, essential to provide concrete answers to the complex issues posed by risks and their governance. Continue reading