Date: 13 de Oct at 13.00 hr
Virtual format by Zoom
Universidad Nacional de Río Negro

Se trata de la onceava defensa de tesis de la Maestría en Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación

La estudiante de la Maestría en Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación, Sofía Foladori Invernizzi, defenderá su tesis de posgrado titulada “La comunicación científica de la pandemia de COVID-19 en el periódico brasileño Folha de S. Paulo entre marzo 2020 y marzo 2021”

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4S-ESOCITE – Travel to Cholula

Date: December 7 – 10, 2022

Knowledges and technosciences for living together

As we deepen our understanding of inequalities, forms of oppression, and the role of sciences and technologies in them, so deepens our need to act and our sense of responsibility. For many of us, an ethic of care permeates our practices of knowledge production in STS and calls us to new ways of relating to each other. These common questions of care, responsibility, relation and action arise whether our research focuses on laboratories, forests, genetic databases, smart cities or forced migrations. The current pandemic and the ongoing climate emergency make these common questions more urgent than ever and raise concerns about the status of expert knowledge, the reconfiguration of a global geopolitical and technoscientific order, and the decentralization of epistemic infrastructures. At stake is our capacity to recuperate valuable forms of life, to learn which forms we should let go of, and, as far as we are able, to critically join in the enactment of new ones. This brings to the fore the labor required to live well with others and provides an opportunity to reconfigure things differently. Living together is both a power relation, with some disproportionately bearing the costs and others reaping the benefits, and a hope for good, or at least better, relations. Thus, reunion does not imply reviving a previous union that may be idealized by some and highly criticized by others. Reunion indicates there has been a break in relations, providing an opportunity to engage differently, this time.

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