Call for chapters. Actor-Network Theory: Concepts, methods and applications

Deadline: March 30, 2019.

Convocatoria en español

Despite its wide dissemination within the social sciences and the humanities, Actor-Network Theory (ANT) has been little addressed in Latin America in a systematic way. Thus, while there are many studies that use this framework in articles, book chapters and graduate theses, a book in Spanish that focuses on its main contributions and current and potential developments is still pending. This call responds to the need to have a reference text on ANT in Spanish for Ibero-American audiences. Continue reading

Innovation Challenges in Latin America


Journal of Technology Management and Innovation

Innovation emerges as an option for companies to achieve growth and sustainability in a dynamic, complex and increasingly competitive environment. Thus, the innovation process has been analyzed from different perspectives, finding different definitions and classifications (Porter, 1998; Cooke, 2008; McCann and Ortega-Argiles, 2015; Geldes et al, 2017a). Continue reading

Estudios de Ciencia, Tecnología y Sociedad (CTS), Prácticas y Conocimientos Psi: modos de producción de subjetividad y mundos


Deadline for submission of papers: February 28, 2019


La sección monográfica se propone la puesta en conocimiento de investigaciones y revisiones teóricas relativas a los modos de producción de sujeto, subjetividad y “lo humano”, considerando lo que se ha denominado como “prácticas psi”. Esta denominación (y no la de prácticas psicológicas) participa en un ámbito fronterizo entre diversas disciplinas, saberes y campos de conocimiento que abordan los modos en que se elabora la subjetividad. En tal sentido, a modo de ejemplo, pueden ser considerados como ejes de interés: conocimientos y prácticas en neurociencias, psiquiatría, psicofármacos, administración, rehabilitación, auto-ayuda, coaching, entre otros. Será pertinente el envío de manuscritos inéditos en idioma español, portugués y/o inglés que describan: Continue reading

Social Studies of Science: Theory as method. Methodological options for organization and management research

Deadline for submission of papers: January 15, 2019, 2 pm Belgian time

Call for Papers to a special issue of the Journal of Organizational Change Management on Theory as method. Methodological options for organization and management research


Steffen Roth, La Rochelle Business School, France, and Kazimieras Simonavičius University in Vilnius, Lithuania
Albert Mills, Sobey School of Business, Canada, and University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Dariusz Jemielniak, Kozminski University Warsaw, Poland
Bill Lee, Sheffield University, United Kingdom Continue reading

Tapuya thematic cluster: Call for papers. The grey zones of innovation. The Illegal and the Informal in Marginal Worlds

Deadline for abstracts: July 31, 2019

Download PDF document here: Long version / Short version

Óscar Moreno-M, The University of Edinburgh (UK)
Javier Guerrero-C, Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (Colombia)


This special cluster aims to put together works analysing grey processes of illegal and informal innovation in Latin America and other geographies in the global south. The objective is to overtake the security and economic approaches to see the kind of knowledge, designs, technologies, techniques, learnings or shrewdness flowing through contexts of illegality and informality. Creativity expressed in workarounds, repair, maintenance, reuse, as well as the production of craft machines and artefacts are crucial for this call. How does the informal or illegal nature influence innovation? How is the illegal and informal related to the legal and formal? How could the type of creativities that emerges in these grey environments be characterized? How is the relationship between production and consumption in these grey areas? How can we overcome the malevolent, disdained or tropical vision and start seeing the productive and creative dimensions of illegality and informality? Continue reading