CFP: Interaction turns in knowledge production – actors, problems, and methodologies

Deadline for abstracts: March 1, 2022

Dra. Mariela Bianco
Mag. María Goñi Mazzitelli
Mag. Camila Zeballos

University of the Republic, Uruguay

Knowledge production in interaction among different actors –be it specific contributions, sustained collaborations or co-productions- is becoming an integral part of academic practices. This trend is reflected in a prolific literature within STS studies (Sutz et al, 2019; Vessuri, Burgos, Bocco, 2012; Bunders, et. al., 2010; Regeer, 2009; Hessels and van Lente, 2008; Nowotny, et al., 2001; Gibbons, et al., 1994; Funtowicz and Ravetz, 1993, among others) and other fields of knowledge such as feminist epistemologies (Harding, 1992). This body of literature has sought to systematize and analyze how these processes develop, who participates, what types of questions and problems are addressed, what methods are put in practice and what results emerge.

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