The New Brazilian Mediascape: Television Production in the Digital Streaming Age

Eli Lee Carter
University Press of Florida, 2020

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“A detailed, cogent analysis of how the Brazilian audiovisual sector is surpassing traditional barriers to expression, attracting more projects of various formats and media such as the Globoplay series and Porta dos Fundos’ work, both eloquently discussed in this book.”—Cacilda M. Rêgo, coeditor of New Trends in Argentine and Brazilian Cinema

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The Cambridge History of Science, Volume 8: Modern Science in National, Transnational, and Global Context

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Edited by Hugh Richard Slotten, Ronald L Numbers and David N Livingstone
Cambridge University Press, 2020

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This volume in the highly respected Cambridge History of Science series is devoted to exploring the history of modern science using national, transnational, and global frames of reference. Organized by topic and culture, its essays by distinguished scholars offer the most comprehensive and up-to-date nondisciplinary history of modern science currently available. Essays are grouped together in separate sections that represent larger regions: Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, East and Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, and Latin America. Each of these regional groupings ends with a separate essay reflecting on the analysis in the preceding chapters. Intended to provide a balanced and inclusive treatment of the modern world, contributors analyze the history of science not only in local, national, and regional contexts but also with respect to the circulation of knowledge, tools, methods, people, and artifacts across national borders. Continue reading

Bases y determinantes para una colaboración exitosa entre ciencia y producción

books_Bases y determinantes colaboración existosa ciencia 2020

Fabian Andres Britto‎ and Gustavo Eduardo Lugones
CIECTI, OITTEC, and Universidad Nacional de Quilmes. 2020

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A partir del mes de mayo estará disponible el libro “Bases y determinantes para una colaboración exitosa entre ciencia y producción”, resultado de un esfuerzo conjunto entre el CIECTI y el Observatorio de Innovación y Transferencia Tecnológica (OITTEC) de la Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (UNQ), cuya investigación fue llevada adelante por Gustavo Lugones y Fabián Britto. Las restricciones derivadas de la pandemia del Covid-19 imponen una presentación virtual para poner el trabajo a disposición de los investigadores e investigadoras y de los sectores productivo y público, pero no se descarta en un mediano plazo poder realizar la presentación pertinente para quien desee interactuar con sus autores (esa información será publicada también por este medio conforme a los protocolos correspondientes). Continue reading

Guynecology: The Missing Science of Men’s Reproductive Health


Rene Almeling
University of California Press, 2020

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The average American has yet to encounter new information about the importance of “healthy sperm” and the “male biological clock.” That is because basic medical knowledge about how men matter when it comes to reproductive outcomes, from miscarriages to childhood illnesses, has only recently begun to be produced. This gap in knowledge about men is only more glaring when one considers the enormous efforts to understand and treat women’s reproductive bodies over the past century. Continue reading

Geopolitics, Culture, and the Scientific Imaginary in Latin America

book_Geopolitics Culture Scientific Imaginary LA

María del Pilar Blanco and Joanna Page
University Press of Florida, 2020

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“The most inclusive, informative, and up-to-date volume I have seen regarding science and culture in Latin America. An excellent choice for both the classroom and the individual researcher.”—Jerry Hoeg, coauthor of Reading and Writing the Latin American Landscape

“What is the role played by Latin America in the formation of global science? What is the role performed by science in the shaping of the imaginary in Latin America? Many will surely respond the same to both questions: they will say it has been a subsidiary or marginal role, or that they do not know. After reading this book—diverse, interdisciplinary, and highly topical—one can only agree that neither science nor Latin America are what we thought they were.”—Juan Pimentel, author of The Rhinoceros and the Megatherium: An Essay in Natural History Continue reading