Book Reviews

Stevia: Conocimiento, propiedad intelectual y acumulación de capital.
By Cori Hayden

Santiago Liaudat’s book makes three key interventions, writes Hayden:

“The first intervention is to piece together the complex history of Stevia, the second is to argue that the appropriation of knowledge is a key engine of capitalist value production, and a third significant move in Stevia is to enjoin critical Latin American STS and history of science scholars to attend to reconsider the status given to “scientific excellence” in the history of Latin American science.”

Conocimientos, sociedades y tecnologías en América Latina: Viejos modelos y desencantos, nuevos horizontes y desafíos.
By Luciano Levin

Luciano Levin identifies three important takeaways from this collective volume:

1. The discussions raised (pre-pandemic) are sensitive to current (post-pandemic) issues, and in dialogue with the entire global production of knowledge. 2. The book is a catalog of problems and clues for further research in Latin American STS (and beyond). 3. The book is also a roadmap, as the issues traversing the texts trace lines of interpretation that make explicit where we are standing, but also show us the places we can go from here.