November 22-24, 2022Online event This virtual workshop focuses on the myriad ways and mechanisms with which the fight against climate change and new patterns of colonial domination in both the global North and South are intertwined. It is hosted by the Centre for Advanced Studies »Futures of Sustainability« at the University of Hamburg, Germany, andContinue reading “CFP: CLIMATE COLONIALITY: MECHANISMS, EPISTEMOLOGIES, SPACES OF RESISTANCE”


TÍTULO: MAGÍSTER EN CIENCIA, TECNOLOGÍA E INNOVACIÓNDURACIÓN: 2 Y 1/2 AÑOS FUNDAMENTOS DE LA MAESTRÍA En la actualidad existe un amplio consenso en que la capacidad de un país para producir conocimiento científico e innovaciones es una condición necesaria para lograr un desarrollo económico sustentable con inclusión social. Desde ese punto de vista es imprescindibleContinue reading “MAESTRÍA EN CIENCIA, TECNOLOGÍA E INNOVACIÓN – UNRN”

Artificial Intelligence, Global Differences and Inequalities: Challenges and Responsibilities for Researchers and Innovators: An Interactive Online Workshop

April 28, 2022Online event Register here  What challenges and responsibilities arise from the development and use of AI in a context of socio-economic inequalities as well as differences in cultural values, political systems, regulation, scientific capacities, and other factors? What is the role of inter-disciplinary research, collective action, and trans-national civil society activism? 

ISGOV 2022 : First Innovation and Smart Government Conference 2022

September 12-14, 2022Tampico / Online event First International Innovation and Smart Government Conference (ISGOV 2022): Challenges for Public Innovation in a post-pandemic governments Academic space is needed amid the perverse problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. To share visions, projects, and new ideas related to technology in government. Public problems must be addressed throughContinue reading “ISGOV 2022 : First Innovation and Smart Government Conference 2022”

2022 EASST Conference

July 6-9, 2022Madrid CONFERENCE THEMEPolitics of Technoscientific Futures Recent years have been marked by uncertainty and instability, as the pandemic continues to disrupt lives and communities, transactions and supply chains, customs and rituals. Possible pathways to what we once called the future seem to open and close rapidly from one moment to the next. ConstellationsContinue reading “2022 EASST Conference”