New article from our Thematic Cluster: Document, Factualize and Commensurate

Dear user, a new article has been published in our open access journal Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and Society.

The number of disappearance: trajectories in the tally of victims of forced disappearance in Latin America
Oriana Bernasconi, Jefferson Jaramillo & Marisol López

This article seeks to contribute to the emergent analysis of numbers in human rights matters from a Latin American perspective. We explore a phenomenon that is hard to count; the number of victims of forced disappearance –persons who are kidnapped and murdered, and whose bodies are disposed of. And we study it in three contexts of political institutional violence on the continent – the dictatorship in Chile (1973–1990), the armed conflict of Colombia (1958–), and México’s dirty wars (1964–1998) and narco-conflicts (2002–). Focusing on numbers’ liveliness, we draw from interviews, institutional documents and archive analysis to examine the trajectory of the number of forced disappeared persons and how it mobilizes and is shaped by human rights concerns. Transitivity is crucial in the trajectory and liveliness of numbers. 

You can also download or listen to the full article here:

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