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Civilizing mummies: an adventure of technicians in archaeological collections
By Felipe Raglianti

“This study of technical work unpacks how the conservation of mummies is a delicate matter of concern (Latour 2004). By analyzing how technicians handle responsibly the organization of their collection, I discuss how caring for “material heritage” advances the making of knowledges in science. But this work of collection exceeds that special purpose. The mummified materials are collected also for the education of students and the interests of the public. Insofar they visit the collections to witness in the mummies a history of the past – and do so by entertaining an ideal of permanence while behaving themselves in a “civilised” manner – this case study also aims to interpellate the notion of civilization (Robertson 2006; Thomassen 2012; Smith 2017).”

You can also download or listen to the full article here:…/10…/25729861.2022.2068332

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