Artificial Intelligence, Global Differences and Inequalities: Challenges and Responsibilities for Researchers and Innovators: An Interactive Online Workshop

April 28, 2022
Online event

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What challenges and responsibilities arise from the development and use of AI in a context of socio-economic inequalities as well as differences in cultural values, political systems, regulation, scientific capacities, and other factors? What is the role of inter-disciplinary research, collective action, and trans-national civil society activism? 

Co-organised by the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility and the global RRING Community, this event brings together researchers, civil society leaders, activists, social scientists and policy analysts from around the world. 

Access the program and Eventbrite registration link: here 

Speakers include:  

  • Emma Ruttkamp-Bloem (keynote), chairperson of the UNESCO Ad-Hoc Group on the Ethics of AI  
  • Norberto De Andrade, Global Policy Lead for Digital & AI Ethics for Facebook   
  • Cynthia Picolo, director Laboratory of Public Policy and Internet, Brazil 
  • Samah El Khateeb, director Smart & Future Cities Laboratory, Ain Shams University, Egypt 
  • Jamila Venturine, Derechos Digitale, regional coordinator Latin America  
  • Abhishek Gupta, founder of Montreal AI Ethics Institute, and Microsoft  
  • And many other notable experts and civil society leaders   

Join us for lively discussion. The workshop is free to attend. 

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