Society for Cultural Anthropology-Society for Visual Anthropology virtual conference

June 2-4, 2022
Online event

We are pleased to announce the  2022 joint Society for Cultural AnthropologySociety for Visual Anthropology conference, which will be held online and in locally organized in-person nodes on June 2nd – 4th 2022. Our theme, The Virtual, Otherwise, seeks a renewed engagement with questions that have captured the attention of anthropologists, activists, and creators at large in the last decade: What promises and possibilities do virtual spaces, practices, and technologies hold out in everyday social worlds? Where, when, and how do people encounter the limits of virtualization, and with what intimate and collective political forms do they challenge its violence? How can ethnographic practice across a range of mediums – text, film, photography, audio, digital platforms – enable us to better illuminate the questions of connection, surveillance, access, failure, and survival that virtual spaces throw up?

The Virtual, Otherwise seeks to regenerate our vision of online conferencing by weaving together a simultaneously hospitable and critical approach to multimodal anthropology practices and the growing academic reliance on screens. We welcome conference panels that feature the work of anthropologists and ethnographers, film-makers, artists, and others who are thinking about what the intensification of The Virtual looks, feels, and sounds like in situated social contexts. We see The Virtual, Otherwise as experimenting with both content and form, and therefore encourage presenters to engage creatively with text, language, sound, images, and other multimedia formats. We embrace panels and screenings that experiment with the possibilities for co-presence that emerge in-between online and face-to-face interaction, for instance through local nodes that gather around the virtual event. Given the insidious omnipresence of screens in our socially distant lives and works, we are interested in understanding what alternative forms of multimodality can do to rethink human and world centered research and praxis toward more socially just environments.

Learn more about the conference and start your submission HERE!


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