UNITOPIA: Digital transformation as democratic moment

May 12-14, 2022

At the upcoming UNITOPIA conference we aim to open a discussion about the risks, but also the potentials that digital transformation brings for our democracies. What forms of regulation, or governance are necessary to align digital technologies with a common good? How would we envision future digital democracies? Which political theory concepts of democracy need to be adapted to the technological development and vice versa? How can we sustain and further develop central premises of democracy in a new socio-technical order? And how could we enable processes to build socio-technical institutions and orders for our future democracies? These are just some questions we want to tackle at the conference. We understand the digital transformation as a democratic moment. It forces and enables us to rethink and reconceptualize how we understand democracy in the digital age. How can we sustain and further develop its central premises in a new socio-technical order?

UNITOPIA 2022 wants to collectively explore challenges and opportunities for digital democracies along these lines. We welcome contributions from various disciplines and fields, such as, but not limited to, political science, computer science, law, sociology, economics, science and technology studies, information science, etc.

UNITOPIA 2022 will be hosted at the University of Graz from May 12-14, 2022. The conference language is English.

Please send an abstract (500 words max., indicate which track) to: unitopia@uni-graz.at

Deadline: March 3, 2022

You will receive information on the acceptance of your contribution until April 13, 2022.

All contributions will be published in the online proceedings of the conference. Selected contributions will be offered to participate in a special issue/edited volume of the conference.

Source: https://unitopia.uni-graz.at/de/call-for-abstracts/

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