STS forum 2021

October 2-5, 2021
Kyoto. Online event

What Is the STS forum?

The STS forum is a registered non-profit organization led by Hiroshi Komiyama, Chairman, with former Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe as its Honorary Chairman. The forum is also guided by a Board and a Council composed
of leaders from around the world.
Close to 1,500 participants from 120 countries, regions and international organizations engage in lively
discussions for three or four days in early October every year at the Kyoto International Conference Center in
Kyoto, Japan or online. Participation in the STS forum is by invitation only.

Why Attend?

To connect with like-minded people who wish to change the world for the better and who can address the
problems we face from a broad range of perspectives.
You will have the rare opportunity to network with diverse groups of global leaders, including heads of academic
institutions, leading corporate executives and top government officials.
Taking part in many networking meetings and smaller thematic sessions, where you can engage in open and
informal discussions with participants from diverse backgrounds and scope of expertise, you gain fresh insights
and novel perspectives on the key science and technology issues of our times and explore innovative ideas and
initiatives together.

Who Will You Meet?

In 2020, the number of participants at the STS forum 17 th Annual Meeting held online grew to nearly 1,500
from 100 countries and regions and 20 international organizations. Participants were a well-balanced mix of
representatives from academia, industry and government.

As we plan ahead for our 18 th Annual Meeting (2021) via a web-based live online format for the second
consecutive year, we were made increasingly aware of the lost opportunity for informal networking. This is one
of the strengths of the STS forum when the annual meeting takes place face-to-face, and we are planning to alleviate this shortcoming.

Post-Session Networking

This year, we will have “post-session networking time,” allowing participants to have informal exchanges with each of the speakers for about 30 minutes after the end of any given session. We hope this will improve the environment for interaction in a rather comfortable setting, although this would not totally replace the fluidity of networking onsite.

Young Leaders’ Program

The forum also invites selected young participants 40 or younger to participate in our annual meeting, in an effort to nurture future leaders with diverse perspectives for the next generation and beyond. Participants in this program have the opportunity Session 400 “Energy and Environment” to join a special “Dialogue between Young Leaders This online annual meeting was a great success, and Nobel Laureates” session. The STS forum is planning to offer this program virtually at our 2021 18 th Annual Meeting.

General Information

Participation in the Annual Meeting• Participation is by invitation only.
• All sessions are conducted in English.
• Participation fee: JPY10,000 per participant for online participation.


Membership is available to support the STS forum’s activities. Please contact for details.


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