14th CIFAS Summer School in Ethnographic Research Methods

July 19 to 30, 2021 – 7 PM to 9:30 PM (EDT time)
Online event

The Comitas Institute for Anthropological Study (CIFAS) is pleased to announce the 14th CIFAS Summer School in Ethnographic Research Methods. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this edition of the summer school will take place online.

The goal of the summer school is to offer training in the foundations and practice of ethnographic methods. The faculty works closely with participants to identify the required field methods needed to address their academic or professional needs. The summer school is suitable for graduate and undergraduate students in social sciences and other fields of study that use qualitative approaches (such as education, communication, cultural studies, health, social work, development studies, consumer behavior, among others), applied social scientists, professionals, and researchers who have an interest in learning more about ethnographic methods and their applications.

The social isolation measures adopted across the planet due to the current pandemic have made digital ethnography, in all its variations, an option of choice for researchers who previously did not consider it. The summer school program was reformulated, devoting more time to the discussion of digital methods and the interface between ethnography and the field of digital humanities.

– Class 1 (Jul 19): Foundations of ethnographic research  

– Class 2 (Jul 20): Theory and practice: social theories in the field  

– Class 3 (Jul 21): Research design; ethics   

– Class 4 (Jul 22): Data generation techniques  

– Class 5 (Jul 23): Planning the logistics of field research  

– Class 6 (Jul 26): Digital ethnography

– Class 7 (Jul 27): Ethnography in interface with Social Network Analysis and other trends in the digital humanities

– Class 8 (Jul 28): Visual ethnography; ethnography in specific fields of activity (applied social sciences, health, social service, environmental studies, public policy design, business, and others)

– Class 9 (Jul 29): Principles of organization and indexation of field data

– Class 10 (Jul 30): Analyzing field data; qualitative analysis software packages: basic principles

The total workload of the course is 25 hours. In this edition of the summer school, the option of earning credits is not available.

The tuition fee is US$ 1,200.

Applications online at https://cifas.us/field-school/
For more information, please write to renzo….@cifas.us.

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