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Deadline: September 9, 2021

Skilled and committed employees are a crucial factor in the success of Linköping University. And we need more of them. Our core expertise comes from teachers and researchers, but a successful university requires experienced and motivated employees in many fields. Everyone is important. We need to recruit many new employees thanks to, among all, an expansion in our research activity. We need you here. We look forward to receiving your application!

The Department of Thematic Studies was the first in Sweden to offer an academic setting for thematically organised, interdisciplinary, socially relevant research. We combine strong research with undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and courses, often in collaboration with actors outside the university.

Hereby advertises a position as

Postdoc in Gender Studies
formally based at the Department of Thematic Studies

Tema Genus is a creative and dynamic unit with an international profile in interdisciplinary and thematic gender research and education.  Gender Studies at Tema Genus spans a wide range of fields, for instance: feminist, queer, trans, postcolonial, race, posthuman, environmental, dis/ability, body, science and cultural studies. Tema Genus also directs collaborative international research centers such as the excellence center GEXcel international Collegium and the postgraduate research training consortium InterGender, and hosts a pioneering PhD programme, and an international Master’s programme in Gender Studies – Intersectionality and Change (with single subject courses at MA- as well as BA-level).

A Postdoc will essentially carry out research. The position may also involve teaching, but during no more than a fifth of work time.

The present position involves research in the fields of gender studies, science and technology studies, and migration studies. The position is part of the project: “Calculating migration: A multi-sited ethnography of algorithmic governance and redistribution keys” which is a collaboration between the Department of Thematic Studies, Gender Studies (LiU), REMESO (LiU) and the European New School of Digital Studies (Viadrina University) Using ethnographic methods, the project examines the production, implementation, and consequences of algorithms in relation to migration management. The project combines perspective from science and technology studies, gender studies and a decolonial understanding of migration management infrastructures. We are now seeking for a candidate who can expand the scope of the project on one or more of these fields. Read more about the project here:

The employment includes own research and teaching in the area of the ​​employment, in collaboration with the Gender Studies unit’s other employees, as well as dissemination of research results. The holder of the position is expected to have good collaboration skills and be a creative and constructive employee in an interdisciplinary research environment. The holder of the position is expected to collaborate actively with other researchers in Gender Studies, and to contribute to the research environment.

Documented scientific skills in science and technology studies are a requirement for the employment. Documented scientific skills in the use of ethnographic methods is a requirement for the employment. Documented scientific skills in migration studies are a requirement for the employment. Documented scientific skills in gender studies and / or decolonial studies are particularly meritorious.

The position requires a doctorate or an equivalent degree from a foreign university. The doctorate shall have been obtained no longer than three years before the expiration date of the application.

Appointment time
A Postdoc is appointed until further notice, but for no longer than two years. The appointment can be renewed if there are special reasons.

Starting date 
By agreement

The University applies individual salary scales adapted to the experience of the employee and to the labour market.

Union representatives
Information about union representatives, see Help for applicants.

Application procedure
Apply for the position by clicking the “Apply” button below. Your application must be received at latest September 9th 2021.

Applications and documents received after the date above will not be considered.  In the event of a discrepancy between the English and Swedish announcement, the Swedish version will take precedence.  

Equal opportunities

Linköping University will continue to develop as an attractive and creative place of work, characterized by equal terms and actively works for equality and diversity.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Linköping university has framework agreements and wishes to decline direct contacts from staffing- and recruitment companies as well as from vendors of job advertisements.

Contact persons

Alma Persson
Head of Division
+46 13 28 66 68

Carin Ennergård
+46 13 28 21 14


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