AusSTS online keynote conversation event with Prof Kane Race (University of Sydney) and A/Prof Anne Galloway (Victoria Uni of Wellington)

June 25, 2021 9:30am – 11am (Australian Eastern Daylight Time, GMT+11)

About this event

Please join us for the #AusSTS2021 keynote conversation event with Prof Kane Race and A/Prof Anne Galloway, chaired by Dr Kiran Pienaar.

This moderated conversation event on ‘Embodied Engagements’ features two prominent STS researchers whose work uniquely engages with the workshop theme of situated practice. The discussion will touch on topics such as:

  • How we situate ourselves in relation to our objects of study
  • Methods for enacting situated practices of research
  • The role of ‘place’ in orienting research (especially in the context of the settler-colonies of Australia and Aoteroa New Zealand)
  • And how an attentiveness to ‘situatedness’ might also help us to build better practices of care

This free event is part of AusSTS 2021: Situated Practice – A multi-sited workshop. All are welcome to attend.

About the speakers:

Dr Kane Race is Professor of Gender and Cultural Studies at the University of Sydney. He began work as an HIV social scientist when combination antiretroviral therapy was introduced to treat the disease in 1996 and has explored the impact of this event on HIV prevention practices and gay culture in work spanning the fields of HIV research, sociology and queer and cultural studies. He is also interested in the politics of drugs and is the author of Pleasure Consuming Medicine: the queer politics of drugs (2009) and The Gay Science: intimate experiments with the problem of HIV (2018).

Dr Anne Galloway is Associate Professor in Design for Social Innovation and founder of the More-Than-Human Lab at Victoria University of Wellington. Anne is a multispecies anthropologist and speculative design ethnographer. Her work focusses on farmed animal life in all its complexity, and she writes and speaks regularly on human-animal relations and creative research methods. More importantly, Anne keeps a small flock of rare breed sheep that has transformed her research and everyday life in ways she never imagined.

About the chair:

Dr Kiran Pienaar is a lecturer in Sociology at Deakin University, Melbourne Australia. Kiran’s work explores connections between health, gender, sexuality and the body, with a particular interest in drug consumption and sexual cultures, and the sociopolitical dimensions of health. Drawing on science and technology studies and new materialisms, she has published on topics related to drugs, addiction and the self; drug experiences in LGBTQ cultures; and public health and drug policy. She is the author of Politics in the Making of HIV/AIDS in South Africa (2016).

Watch the seminar:

The seminar will be available to stream on YouTube live. Access using the live link:

Date/time: Friday 25th June, 9:30am – 11am (Australian Eastern Daylight Time, GMT+11)

Q&A with the speaker to follow. To send questions/participate in the chat, you’ll need to sign-in using a YouTube account.

The seminar will be recorded and available to watch on the SSN YouTube channel after the Livestream.

If you have any questions, please send to

With thanks to our event sponsors:


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