Foundations and Futures of Feminist Technosciences. Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience, 5-year anniversary

April 22, 2021
Online event


Catalyst serves as a distinctive forum for both emerging and well-established scholars to publish interdisciplinary work. Catalyst aims to publish critically engaged feminist STS scholarship that reroutes the gendered, queer, raced, colonial, militarized, and political economic beings and doings of technoscience. Catalyst was awarded the Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Infrastructure Prize in acknowledgement of “the outstanding work done by the Catalyst editorial collective in support of theoretically inventive and methodologically creative feminist scholarship that spans the social sciences, humanities, and arts,” in 2020.


Nassim Parvin (Lead Editor)
Literature, Media, and Communication
Georgia Institute of Technology

Mara Mills (Editorial Board Member)
Media, Culture, and Communication
New York University

Anne Pollock (Lead Editor)
Global Health and Social Medicine
Kings College London

Sonja van Wichelen (Book Editor)
University of Sydney

Foundations of Feminist Technosciences

3:00–4:00 PM ET

Donna Haraway
Distinguished Professor Emerita, History of Consciousness
University of California, Santa Cruz

Banu Subramaniam
Professor of Women, Gender, Sexuality Studies
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

What are the stories we tell about the foundations of feminist technosciences? How do we highlight the multiple and rich genealogies of the field that embodies anti-racist, decolonial, and multispecies feminist technosciences? The panel reflects on how we can sort out the frictions and generative ties of these complicated categories in the concrete, and in actual struggle, and how we can hold together simultaneously true and contradictory things. How do we try to think beyond the binary categories that often frame both the foundational categories of western science and also descriptions of the relations of western and other knowldege practices? In taking up invited questions from the audience/field, Donna and Banu will engage in a wide-ranging discussion on the foundations and journeys of feminist technosciences.

Ask Banu and Donna
In celebrating five years of Catalyst, we are using this occasion to reflect on the field of feminist technosciences, its foundations and futures. Donna and Banu welcome questions and comments for their panel. They will do their best to incorporate the questions in their discussion.
Please send your questions to banu [at]


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