Online symposium on “Responsible Artificial Intelligence”

December 16,2020
Online event

Throughout this year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has dominated the science policy agenda in Brussels and far beyond. Numerous studies, committees and public consultations culminated in the conclusion that we are basically part of an ongoing “social experiment”. The responsibility and accountability of the technologies in question will therefore entirely depend on how they are researched and designed, regulated and deployed.

Standard approaches toward risk assessment may not fully capture important ethical implications (many of which will not be quantifiable and some even entirely unobservable). Research and innovation funders and promoters therefore need to explicitly expect responsibility in AI programs and projects. How can we safeguard that AI research and innovation take democratic values sufficiently into account? Shoshana Zuboff has warned against “marching naked into the digital century without the regulatory paradigms […] necessary to ensure a digital future that is compatible with democracy”. How to ‘get dressed’ for these policy challenges, will be discussed at our 2-hour online symposium with a prominent panel:

Max Erik Tegmark (MIT), Virginia Dignum (Uni. Umeå), Luc Steels (ICREA), Cecilie Mathiesen (Research Council of Norway) and Walter van de Velde (European Innovation Council).

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