Workshop: Transformative metrics

October 5-6, 2020
Universidad de Antioquia

This workshop aims to establish a new research agenda around the ways in which existing and new methodological approaches can contribute to study social and technological change. Transitions scholars have begun to search for new methods and indicators to study transitions. This chimes with research in areas such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, that call for new indicators, models and methodological approaches to evaluate the implementation of these agendas (Ramirez, Romero, Schot, & Arroyave, 2019). Following, this the transitions research community has called for the development of a “structured navigation” method and a “formal model” to study transformation and sustainability agendas (Köhler et al., 2017, 43-47).

Current approaches in sustainability transitions research
The question therefore arises of how to develop indicators and methods to study sociotechnical systems changes using sustainability transitions as a lens? To reach this goal one should consider using the most common theoretical framework, multi-level perspective, which divides a system into three domains: landscape (broader trends) sociotechnical regimes (dominant sub-system) and sociotechnical niches (alternatives to the dominant system) (Geels & Schot, 2007). This approach could be used to develop indicators to study, for instance, in what ways climate change can shape the interactions between decentralised renewable energy (niches) and centralised fossil fuels electricity generation (regimes).

Important Dates:
30th June Submission of expression of interest to participate (including a brief description of your research; and explaining which topic and question, you would like to address in the workshop; see section Challenges for developing metrics and indicators) (via email to
7th July Notification of acceptance
30th July Program and logistical information
7th September Send ‘3000 words paper” with your inputs to the transformative metrics workshop (via email to


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