conference_4S 2020

Prague. August 18-21, 2019


There are many ways to participate in the conference: presenting a paper in an open panel, a closed panel, or a panel formed by the program committee; being a discussant; chairing a panel; participating in a Making and Doing session; and taking part in the range of social and collegial events across the conference.

Check the Focus and Themes of the conference and submit your proposal for open panels. The proposal should include: title, abstract (up to 250 words) and convenors of the panel. The deadline for submission is 31 October 2019. Wide variety of STS topics is welcome.

Open panel chairs will have significant responsibility in the composition and organization of their panels. Please note, in submitting a proposal, you are volunteering to chair a session of papers related to your topic.

Call for papers and other formats of participation will be launched in December 15.

Participation guidelines

In order to maximise participation across the conference, the programme committee will be following a set of guidelines in reviewing paper submissions and panel abstracts.

In general terms participants will be limited to One ‘Presenter Role’ and Two additional ‘Non-Presenter Roles’ in the conference.

Presenter Roles will include:
Presentation of a research paper and;
Participation in a panel discussion.

Non-Presenter Roles will include:
Panel organisers and;
Panel discussants and;
Organisation or participation in a Making and Doing session and;
Participation in the 4S poster session.

Panel chairing is not counted towards a role.

Some example combinations:
Some possible combinations of these role limits might include, the presentation of a research paper (Presenter Role), together with chairing a panel (Non-Presenter Role) and presenting a poster (Non-Presenter Role).

Alternatively, you might like to combine a role as a panel discussant (Non-Presenter Role) with presenting a paper (Presenter Role) and participating in a team in the Making and Doing Session (Non-Presenter Role).

Source: https://www.easst4s2020prague.org/

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