4S 2019 prizes

New Orleans. September, 2019

The 2019 Bernal Prize for distinctive, career-spanning contributions to STS has been awarded to Professor Emily Martin (emerita, New York University). This is an especially timely honor! Recall that Professor Martin gave a keynote lecture at 4S’s 1994 meeting in New Orleans.  Her Bernal lecture at this year’s conference will be on Saturday afternoon, September 7. (Also see the recent New Yorker article about Martin, An Anthropologist Investigates How We Think About How We Think — a wonderful resource for teaching!)

The 2019 Edge Prize for an exemplary STS article (published 2017-2018) has been awarded to Professor Etienne Benson (University of Pennsylvania). His article,  “A Centrifuge of Calculation: Managing Data and Enthusiasm in Early Twentieth-Century Bird Banding,” was published in Osiris. This selection is also timely given the article’s focus on collaboration between diversely situated knowledge-makers, depending on “a fragile balance between the centripetal effects of national coordination and the centrifugal effects of volunteer enthusiasm.”  This sounds like STS conference organizing!

Congratulations to Martin and Benson, and thanks to the prize committees for their work. The 2019 Bernal Prize Committee was Noela Invernizzi (chair), Hsin Hsing Chen, Joan Fujimura and Aadita Chaudhury. The 2019 Edge Prize committee was Teun Zuiderent-Jerak (chair), Belén Albornoz and Ana Viseu. Prizes will be celebrated in New Orleans at the Friday evening reception.

See the full, preliminary 2019 conference program here — and join me in  thanking the conference organizing committee (Andrea Ballestero, Vivian Choi, Pedro de la Torre and Katie Ulrich) for their incredible work on this.

On a more somber note (with the predictably grim perspective of a disaster researcher): the New Orleans conference is during hurricane season.  4S has purchased insurance to cover costs in case significant organizational changes are called for. Please also consider purchasing your own hurricane insurance.  Here is a helpful Hurricane Insurance Review.

And please look out for an email inviting you to participate in 4S Council and 6S elections. The election will open June 1, closing June 30.

Souce: Kim Fortun (e-mail announcement).

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