Cross-Border Healthcare: the interaction between countries, cities, and cultures in healthcare

Deadline: October 2019

How do bodies, knowledges, tissues, ideas, instruments, policies, cross borders in today’s globalized healthcare scenario? Where do they come from and where do they travel to, and why? What do these displacements do to the local healthcare practice in each point of the journey? What do these border-crossings imply in terms of healthcare services, conceptions of health, illness, western medicine, and other forms of healthcare knowledges? What sort of reflection can the notion of ‘cross-border’ healthcare produce? What about the other terms circulating in the literature, in the market, and in legislations? For example, terms like: medical tourism, healthcare mobilities, healthcare industry, healthcare displacements, healthcare industrial complex, or medical / healthcare exile. The present cluster seeks to bring together sociological, anthropological, or historical work done within areas such as:

1.- Reproduction (assisted reproduction, including but not exclusively surrogacy and LGTB+ reproduction),
2.- Birthing practices,
3.- Surgery,
4.- Pharmaceutics,
5.- Clinical trials and biomedical research,
6.- Bioprospecting,
7.- Health insurance,
8.- Ways of conceiving health, illness, disease, sickness, healthcare, and medicine.
9.- The interaction between non-biomedical healthcare practices and biomedical practices

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