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February 21-22, 2019

Daniel Fetzner, Susanne Kriemann, Toni Hildebrandt, Sudipto Basu, Vera Tollmann, Damien Pelletier-Brun & Lena Quelvennec, Bruno Latour & Alexandra Arènes & Jérôme Gaillardet, Martina Sauer, Michael Rottmann, Léa Perraudin, Olga Timurgalieva, Lars Christian Grabbe, Magdalena Eckes, Steven Banwart & Anna Krzywoszyńska, Daniel Irrgang & Bettina Korintenberg.

All abstracts of our speakers:

Attendance of the conference is free of any fees. However, due to limited space at the venue please register by email beforehand:

Warburg-Haus Hamburg, Heilwigstraße 116, 20249 Hamburg, Germany

Jacobus Bracker (University of Hamburg, Institute for Archaeology and Cultural History of the Ancient Mediterranean)

Stefanie Johns (University of Hamburg, Faculty of Education, Art & Visual Education)

Generously supported by the University of Hamburg, the Climate Concept Foundation, and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ästhetik e.V.

Further information:

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