Nanotechnology, Governance, and Knowledge Networks in the Global South


Marcela Suárez Estrada
Palgrave Pivot, 2018

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The seemingly unlimited technological potential of nanotechnology brings with it new practices of governance, networking, and exercising power and agency. Focusing on scholars in the Global South, this text covers nanotechnology discourses, imaginaries, and materialities as they circulate and interact within governance knowledge networks. Rather than adapt their actions to existing governance mechanisms and science, technology, and innovation policy, scientists use the imaginary of nanotechnology to create new symbolic and material incentives, thus shaping its governance. By tracing the constantly shifting asymmetries of knowledge and power, the book offers fresh insights into the dynamics of knowledge networks.

Marcela Suárez Estrada is a research fellow and lecturer at the Lateinamerika-Institut at Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.


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